Brief History

Seagull Glass Works started in July 7, 1988 as Shimoda Glass Art in Cubao, Quezon City. It reincorporated in 1989 and was renamed Seagull Glass Works Inc. has its workshops in Tejeros, Makati City, Philippines.

Seagull Glass Works is a company that serves the need for quality, made to order awards, promotional and marketing items and services. It works on different substrates and processes to be able to service its clients.

Corporate Characteristics

The firm is vertically integrated with skills, equipment and competence in glass, wood, acrylic plastic, resin, stone, metal, graphic arts and layout. The firm also has in-house packaging and crating for speed, reliability and quality that its customers have come to depend on from the start.

Seagull is essentially self-reliant in technology when it comes to the acquisition, repairs and maintenance of equipment. Employees are cross-trained to be multi-skilled from the start and are organized into work teams. Most crafts and skills training are done in-house. As a specialty or customs made crafts company, Seagull’s capabilities are internationally competitive. Most of its employees have been with the company for up to 15 years.

Research and development is ingrained in this learning organization. The production of some of our art pieces serve as research and development for materials and techniques. There are also patents and copyrights for the majority of the items the company has produced.

The company’s primary competitive strength has been in the execution path from design to mock-up, prototyping and actual production and in its wide array of products and services.

The company serves multiple markets domestically like the corporate awards and novelties market, hotel market, retail market, architectural and interiors market.

The company also has products and services that cater to different levels in the vertical price bracket, from the relatively inexpensive simple plaques to the high-end signed art pieces that serve as top corporate gifts.

Seagull Glass Works tries to provide a virtual one-stop-shop for the convenience of its customers along with reliability and quality.

The company has an adventurous attitude of wanting always to try something new and taking on new and sometimes unusual projects.

The developments of the firm’s technical capabilities are benchmarked to match or exceed capabilities of similar entities inside or outside of the country.

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